Kalatva Collective


Stage Productions

Kalatva Collective tries to produce pieces, which respects and challenge the indian classical dance and music at the same time. Coming from different artistic and cultural backgrounds, they are working passionatley to develop their own artistic language.


1. Kritya – The Rising

The first production of Kalatva Collective was produced for an event organised by the „ministry of Women and Child Protection“ New Delhi for the international Women’s Day on 8th March 2017. The piece tells the story of a woman's journey to liberation. Daring the step across the borders of convention, she has to fight her enemies. The enemies inside and outside. The piece is composed in an early morning Raag called Lalit, using traditional hindustani compositions and persian poetry as well as powerful technical compositions of Tabla and Kathak.


2. Die Teilung der Erde (The division of earth)

"That is what we got, when the earth was divided:
We got the words, the sound, the dance, we got the beat."

Die Teilung der Erde (The division of earth) is a music and dance piece based on a ballad of the german poet Friedrich Schiller. Musicians and dancer try to convey the story of the poet's journey on earth, using German and Hindi poetry, beats, movements, loops and their own music compositions which combine both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.


3. Thilanna

Thilanna is Kalatva Collectives first attempt to emerge hindustani classical music and dance with carnatic music. Rearranging Dr. M. Balamuralikrishnas famous Thilanna in Raag Kadana Kutuhalam, the Collective adds the sound of Tabla, a traditional Kavit of the Jaipur Gharana of north indian Kathak dance giving a new dimension to this traditional piece.


Kalatva For Kids

Art has the power to change, to transform and to heal. Lets spread Art. Lets spread Light.

1. Tell me your story is a 10 Days Workshop concept for girls with experience of migration which happened first in Germany in summer 2017 (City of Göttingen) .

The aim of this workshop was on the one hand to help the girls to relate to their bodies through dance and percussion exercises and help them to release themselves from their situational stress. In 10 days the girls learn the very basics of Kathak dance and Indian classical Tala system, and  a lot more about their own body, mind and abilities. The other goal of the workshop is to give the girls an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings regarding the topics Home/farewell/migration and help them to overcome the trauma of migration a bit. So through regular talk sessions the girls shared their stories and experiences which we developed in small narrative dance sequences. On the 11th day the girls perform their stories with help of the narrative dance „Kathak“ in front of an audience.


2. Interactive Music and Dance performance for Kids is a project of Kalatva Collective for children in India. The first interactive performance happened in January 2018 in New Delhi. This project has two main goals: The first goal is to democratize indian classical art by taking it from elitary concert halls to slums, government schools and community spaces; and the second goal is to brint important social topics to the kids through the art of storytelling.

We start with a classical performance which includes Indian classical music and dance. Using the narrative aspect of indian classical dance and music we tell stories which metaphorically deal with important socio-political topics such as non-discrimination, emancipation, gender roles etc.

After the performance a workshop follows in which we will be teaching the kids the basics of kathak and hindustani vocals, using the elements of the compositions we did during our performance.