Kalatva Collective

Kalatva Collective is a project led by 3 young artists from India and Iran trained in different classical art forms. Trying to explore art beside the conventions of indian classical world, they create pieces in which music and dance interact, explore and compliment each other.

The founders of collective come from different cultural and artistic influences such as western classical music, iranian classical music, Jazz, european and indian folklore. Their mutual passionate goal is to find a way to let these artistic and cultural languages interact and emerge on stage, to narrate the same stories like they have never been told before. 

Kalatva Collective is also angaged in social projects and tries to take art to places where it is needed the most, to the deprived and to the underprivileged. The most significant project of this sort was a 10 days dance workshop for girls with experience of immigration in Gottingen / Germany. The aim was to give the kids an artistic language through which they could deal with their past experiences.

Kalatva Collective did two succesful Tours in Europe with several other performances and workshops in India and abroad.


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Dwarka, Delhi, India


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India     : +91 8527453113
Sweden : +46 727310254
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